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Why The Rapid Rise Of Led Panel Lights?

Why The Rapid Rise Of Led Panel Lights?

Sep 18, 2019

With the development of the society, the improvement of people's living standards, ordinary lighting lamps and lanterns have not fit the needs of people, people began to pursue a green environmental protection living environment, the emergence of LED panel lamp to meet the consumer's changing consumer demand.

First of all, LED panel lamps have the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection. It has a high light efficiency ratio and brightness advantage, when the flat light at work, LED electro-optic conversion efficiency of 30 to 50 percent, three to five times than the traditional incandescent lamp. That is to say, with the same brightness effect, the flat panel lamp can save more than 60% energy compared with the traditional incandescent lamp, and the LED and the incandescent lamp can have a higher brightness under the same energy consumption. LED panel lighting technology is also a green lighting technology, the products contain no mercury, less waste, the manufacturing process almost no pollution.

Secondly, LED panel lights not only provide lighting, but also add artistic beauty. LED panel lamp adopts unique SMD patch as luminescent light source, plus light guide plate and/or diffuser plate, making LED panel lamp popular with its ultra-thin design, which has good lighting effect and can bring beautiful feeling to people.

Finally, LED panel lamp has the characteristics of less heat and long life due to its thin appearance, complete heat dissipation function; The external controller can be used to control various dynamic programs, such as the control of color temperature and the degree of light and shade; Not only no radiation and glare generation, but also can protect the eyesight, the light color is more gentle, and stable performance, low maintenance rate, cost-effective, transport and installation easy to save space.

The performance advantages and product features of LED panel lights made it quickly accepted by the general public after its launch. When LED lighting was just emerging, T5 and T8 grid lights, which were dominated by traditional fluorescent light sources, were the main competitors of LED panel lights. With the LED panel lamp price has been close to the traditional grid lamp, LED panel lamp market competitiveness has been fully reflected, more and more by the market and consumers love.