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Why Lighting Design?

Why Lighting Design?

Jul 20, 2019

Light is a magical substance that reveals the physical world to our eyes and makes the objects visible.

Light can still play a role in modifying the space without completely changing the space. For example, the use of light can increase or decrease the perception of space, make connections between unrelated spaces, distinguish between different areas, or impart color to space.

Light can also help to remember, make people associate, affect people's emotions. At the same time, since the light itself has many physical characteristics, the difference in these physical characteristics causes the image of the illuminated object to be greatly different in the human eye.

For example, the light intensity determines the brightness of the object being illuminated;

The color and color rendering of the light affect the color performance of the object being illuminated;

The direction of the light affects the three-dimensionality and shadow, glare, etc. of the object being illuminated.

Practice has proved that in order to reasonably create a comfortable light environment, it should take into account various physical parameters such as illumination, illumination direction, uniformity, contrast, light color, color rendering and glare, and also consider the differences between people in this environment. activity.

Therefore, it is only possible to achieve this by combining the functionally-oriented clear lighting and the ambient lighting that is based on comfort. The means to achieve this is lighting design.