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Why LED Grille Panels Are Popular With Consumers

Why LED Grille Panels Are Popular With Consumers

Aug 05, 2019

Now the country advocates energy conservation and environmental protection, and creates a “green and low carbon” life. Therefore, many large enterprises, hospitals, schools and offices have chosen to use LED grille panels because of high efficiency, energy saving and low carbon environmental protection.

First of all, in terms of health and environmental protection, the LED grille lamp panel does not contain harmful elements such as mercury and lead contained in ordinary lamps, which is beneficial for recycling and reuse. At the same time, the light contains less lines and less infrared rays, resulting in less radiation, which is more conducive to human health. Huahui Lighting uses a reflective cover with an optical principle deep curved design and high reflectivity. Reasonable use of effective light, uniform light effect, high light efficiency, no glare. Secondly, ordinary lights are AC drives, which will produce stroboscopic flashlights. The LED grille lights are DC-driven, and there is no stroboscopic light, which is good for protecting the eyes. It has the effect of protecting the eyes for children to learn at night and do their homework.


In addition, in terms of energy saving, the LED grid light panel has low energy consumption, the power consumption is lower than that of other lighting bulbs, and the service life is far longer than that of other ordinary bulbs. Usually, the energy-saving lamps for household use are easy to cause the filament to be black and the bulb to overheat because of the high switching frequency. The LED grille lamp panel produced by Huahui Lighting eliminates the drawbacks of heating from the selection of materials, and basically does not need to consider the heat dissipation problem.