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Why Is There A Dark Spot On The LED Tube?

Why Is There A Dark Spot On The LED Tube?

Jul 30, 2019

1. The arrangement of the lamp bead, the number of lamp beads, the arrangement of the lamp bead and the number of lamps are insufficient;

2, the lamp housing selection, this situation is the most, mainly the distance between the lamp bead and the PC cover, the shape of the sink plate, the light is better.

3. In the production process, the voltage of each lamp bead is mixed and attached together, which will also cause such a situation.

4. This problem occurs when the new lamp tube is just assembled. The LED is less in number, the density is insufficient, and the illuminating unevenness has a dark area. When it is used for a while, the LED light is seriously degraded.

5, there may be this reason: the first and last string of light board, the light flux of the lamp bead is too big, there is a dark area where you can remove the light bulb from the test, see these three Lamp beads, do the light bulbs corresponding to the dark areas have lower luminous flux than the lamp beads on both sides