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Why Do Classroom Lights Have To Use LED Tubes?

Why Do Classroom Lights Have To Use LED Tubes?

Jul 25, 2019

The lighting of the classroom is a very important thing, which is related to the students' vision and learning efficiency. Nowadays, classroom lights are generally selected to use LED tubes. We all know that they have long life and low energy consumption.

1. Flexible application, the lampshade designed with special diffuse reflective material can achieve very good uniformity and strictly control the glare of classroom-specific lamps.

2, environmental protection is better, because there is no ultraviolet and infrared rays in the spectrum, neither heat nor radiation, is a typical green lighting source, and waste can be recycled without pollution.

3, Blu-ray hazard exemption level, protect students' eyes for a long time.

4, high thermal conductivity aluminum, unique heat dissipation design to ensure that the lamp life is up to 50000h.

5, more energy-saving, 50% energy saving compared to traditional classroom lights, and 30% energy saving compared to peer products.

6, Do every detail, each accessory is selected with excellent materials to ensure quality.

7, the use of advanced LED chips, light decay is small, long-term use of light effects is almost unchanged.

From these aspects, I have learned the reason why the classroom lamp will choose the LED tube. Another point is that the color of the LED tube is also changed in many ways, so that it can display beautiful effects during use, so that teachers and students can feel it. The same class feels.