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What Are The Advantages Of Led Lights?

What Are The Advantages Of Led Lights?

Jul 15, 2019

Technical advantages: no wire technology. Process advantage: 300m lead-free and non-splicing substrate production process, no solder joints are more stable. Synthetic material advantages: 98% high permeability III anti-UV environmental protection PVC, two layers of pure copper foil substrate, 5000V anti-breakdown PET insulation material. Installation and construction advantages: a variety of optional cutting, zero loss, more convenient. Quality advantage: First-class lamp belt testing test, to ensure that the products are tempered and produced excellent. Fully automatic aseptic dust-free and anti-static production workshop and large-scale production.

The led strip uses only 3-13 watts of light output, which is equivalent to an incandescent bulb of 75-100 watts. Converting home lighting to LED lights not only reduces your energy costs, but also sleeps well at night because you know you are making a contribution to reducing your carbon footprint! LED lights have come a long way compared to the initial LED lights. There are now LED dimmable bulbs, growing bulbs, LED floodlights, illuminators and LED appliance lights. LED floodlights have low light output but high light output. These powerful LED floodlights are enough to illuminate your yard and avoid creatures and shackles.

Maybe you always hear people say that the current era of lighting is the era of no-wire lighting, but I don’t know why people say this. In fact, compared to the incandescent and energy-saving lamps of the old lighting era, the lineless lighting fixture has the following 5 great advantages make it a star in the new lighting era:

Energy saving, less than half the power of ordinary energy-saving lamps, the same power consumption source is more energy efficient. Long service life, the life difference of the non-conductor lamp belt is generally above 5000H (hours), no heavy metal manufacturing process, environmental protection. The color of the cordless strip can be varied, and a light can adjust the color of the lamp. The brightness of the cordless lamp strip will be good, DC drive, no stroboscopic, and protect the eyes. But the light is very glaring, and you need to install a diaphragm to make the light softer.

The voltage of the leadless strip is DC voltage, which is relatively low and can be installed in the bathroom, at least not caused by the condensation of water droplets. Install the entire stair step and step bar in accordance with the above stair sensor lamp installation method, and then uniformly install the number plate with or without the number plate.