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One Switch Controls Wattage. One Controls Color Temperature.

One Switch Controls Wattage. One Controls Color Temperature.

Oct 17, 2019

The switches are located on the driver 

housing and are preset prior to installation (either at the factory or adjusted by the contractor on-site before install).

For both contractors and distributors, the commonality of the function on the panels and the troffers is a pre-fab time saver. Simply set the switches accordingly and connect them to the system.

As 3000OK and 3500OK are close together on the temperature spectrum, we have always manufactured in 3000OK, 4000OK, 5000OK, with the tuning capabilities. At customer requests, we’ve now added a 3500OK option.

The versatility of the adjustments makes thesepanels and troffers great in offices, schools, government facilities, and healthcare applications.

For distributors this makes product selection easier and can reduce inventory skus, hence reducing inventory investment.

For contractors this means always having the right panels and troffers on the job site.  A simple flick of the switch ensures you have what you need, when you need it making jobs easier and faster to install … saving you time and money.

And since quality and creativity is our standard.  There is no additional cost for this advanced functionality.