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LED Panel Lights Have What Advantages And Role

LED Panel Lights Have What Advantages And Role

Sep 18, 2019

1. LED panel lamp belongs to the lamp product category with strong vibration resistance

In the LED panel lamp, the LED light source is a kind of high hardness resin emitting body instead of tungsten glass, which is not easy to damage, so its vibration resistance is relatively high, and the ambient temperature adaptability is strong.

2. LED panel lamp has strong control ability

LED panel lights can be controlled by external controller for various dynamic programs, and can be used to regulate the color temperature and the degree of light and shade.

3. LED panel lamp consumes low power

At the same time, LED panel lighting technology is still a green lighting technology, products contain no mercury, less waste, almost no pollution in the manufacturing process; Semiconductor lighting has the characteristics of recycling and recycling, which plays an important role in the sustainable development of the economy and society.

4. LED panel lamp is a very flexible technology in the early design of products

LED is a kind of point luminous body, in the LED product engineering designer through the point, line, surface flexible combination, according to customer requirements to design a variety of different shapes, different particles of light source, its design is very flexible.

5. LED panel light has higher and more powerful luminous illumination

LED panel lamp is made of aluminum alloy material with uniform luminous reflective panel and sealed design. Luminous effect is even, illuminance is higher.