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LED Panel Lamp Product Structure

LED Panel Lamp Product Structure

Sep 18, 2019

1. Frame: frame strength affects durability

The frame is an important part of the panel lamp, the high strength frame makes the panel lamp more durable. LED panel lights have different heat dissipation performance due to different materials used in the side frame. According to statistic, the frame material of current face plate lamp basically has aluminium alloy, steel, PC, A6063, aluminous model, steel to wait for material to pledge.

2. Diffuser plate: different materials have different transmittance

Diffusion plate is the role of the light guide plate evenly scattered, can also play the role of fuzzy dot, the use of materials mainly acrylic, PC, PS.

It is understood that the light transmittance of acrylic materials is 92%, PC is 88%, and PS is about 80%. The light transmittance of acrylic materials is higher than that of PC, and the cost is lower, and its anti-aging performance is weak. PC materials are expensive, but have strong anti-aging properties.

3. Light guide plate: the plate has a great influence on the light efficiency

The function of light guide plate is the light that is parallel to the direction of light guide plate refracts perpendicular to the direction of light guide plate, and the light that refracts light guide plate to the back of panel lamp by reflective paper is reflected again come out. In this process, but also as far as possible to reduce the light decay, generally speaking, the light efficiency of the guide plate largely depends on the dot design, followed by the choice of the plate.

4. Power supply: constant current power supply mode is highly efficient

There are two driving power modes of LED lamps. One is constant current power, which has high efficiency, PF value as high as 0.95 and high cost performance. The other is the constant voltage belt constant current power supply, stable performance, but low efficiency, high cost.