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LED Panel Lamp Knowledge Science

LED Panel Lamp Knowledge Science

Sep 23, 2019

1. LED panel light illumination is high

It is made of uniform luminescent reflective panel and sealed design, with high efficiency light guide plate and aluminum alloy material. Adopt soft light technology to expand LED panel lamp into surface light source, eliminate glare, visual fatigue and sublimate visual effect. The surface is smooth and bright bright luminescent even downy not dazzling, illuminance is higher.

2. LED panel light generates less heat

Thin appearance, complete heat dissipation function, low power, less heat. Light weight, easy installation. Environmental protection, safety, no pollution.

3. LED panel lamp has a long life

Life of more than 50,000 hours, even if the frequent switch will not affect the life of the product. Stable performance, low maintenance rate. Universal, easy to install and save space.

4. LED panel light changes in various ways

Light color can be adjusted according to different needs and environmental changes, not only no radiation and glare production, but also can protect vision, light color is more gentle. LED panel lamp has high color index, strong color reduction, clear vision, and no distortion when looking at objects. It is suitable for all kinds of lighting places.

5. LED panel lamp has strong anti-vibration force

LED light source is a kind of high hardness resin emitting body rather than tungsten glass, not easy to damage, so its vibration resistance is relatively high, strong environmental temperature adaptability.

No strobe, pure dc work, eliminate the traditional panel lamp strobe caused by visual fatigue.

6. LED panel lamp has strong control ability

The external controller can be used to control various dynamic programs, regulate the color temperature and adjust the degree of light and shade. 100~240VAC input voltage, high power efficiency. Short start time, no strobe.

7. LED panel lamp consumes low power

LED panel lighting technology is a green lighting technology, the products contain no mercury, less waste, almost no pollution in the manufacturing process; LED panel light no ultraviolet, no infrared, avoid the subject of radiation damage. Semiconductor lighting has the characteristics of recycling and recycling, which plays an important role in the sustainable development of the economy and society.