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Led Light Strip Material

Led Light Strip Material

Jul 15, 2019

In terms of the material of the external protective structure of the LED lamp, the LED lamp strips with higher fireproof rating on the market mostly adopt fireproof aluminum composite panels, which have excellent fire resistance and strong fireproof and flame retardancy, and the conventional aluminum composite panel High temperature, rain, hot and cold impact aging is faster. In the relatively humid climate season, the rain dew easily penetrates into the screen and causes short circuit of electronic components to cause fire.

Led lamp with fireproof raw materials also has an important part, that is, plastic kit, plastic kit is mainly used for the unit module mask bottom shell, the main raw material is PC+ glass fiber material with flame retardant function, not only has flame retardant function, It can not be deformed at high and low temperature and long-term use, and will not become brittle and crack. At the same time, it can effectively block the rainwater from the external environment from penetrating into the interior and causing a short-circuit fire.

Again, from the perspective of high reliability: it mainly includes indicators such as failure rate and life. However, there are different understandings and explanations in the application. High reliability refers to the ability of a product to perform a specified function under specified conditions and within a specified time. The led failure category mainly has serious failures and parameter failures. Lifetime is a characterization of product reliability.

In addition to the internal raw materials will affect the fire prevention effect, the external configuration and design are also very important, but the external configuration mainly involves the heat dissipation in the fire prevention problem. When the LED lamp is working, the exhaust fan and the air conditioner are configured to cool the inside of the screen body. It is recommended to install 1P air conditioner every 8~10m2 to ensure that the temperature inside the screen body is kept at a normal temperature. If the air conditioner or exhaust fan is not in place, the heat treatment will be uneven, which may cause the internal safety hazard of the screen due to the temperature rise.

The LED lamp with energy saving has always been the focus of the whole industry. Especially for the owner of the outdoor fixed LED lamp with “large power consumers”, because of its long-term use, energy saving can save customers cost. More in line with the development needs of the big environment, in the long run is more cost-effective.