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LED Grille Structure Classification

LED Grille Structure Classification

Aug 05, 2019

The lamp is a must-have for the night. With the development of technology, the former dark and yellow lamps have basically been eliminated. Nowadays, LED lamps are commonly used in the home, and the LED grille lamp is the most widely used. One. The variety of LED grille lights on the market offers consumers the greatest choice.


The illuminator of the LED grille lamp is mainly the function of the fluorescent tube. There are two main categories, one is embedded and the other is ceiling. Most commonly used in office lighting. Their light source is brighter and can meet people's needs. The choice of office or conference room is the best. Mirrored aluminum grille lamps, which are made of mirror-aluminum material, have a deep arc design, the best is the reflective performance, the surface is treated by phosphating spray, durable, and has strong corrosion performance. There is also a certain flame retardant effect. Another is the organic plate grille. They generally use imported materials, the best light transmission performance, the light is not so glaring, it is completely an environmentally friendly green lighting choice. The price is naturally a little expensive.