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How To Identify The Quality Of Led Floodlights

How To Identify The Quality Of Led Floodlights

Jul 10, 2019

First, identify it according to the multimeter

The projector manufacturer with high reliability has several balls on the bulb during manufacture. In order to ensure the predetermined power, the brightness is also high in accordance with the chip size. If you want to know if the quality of the speculative lamp meets the requirements, you can use the sensation meter to determine the speculative lamp to confirm whether the actual output power reaches a certain value.

Second, identify based on closure

Since the speculative lamp has a lot of special things in its use, it is inevitable to encounter wind in the outdoor, and the quality of the waterproof performance affects the life of the floodlight. Sealed floodlights do not easily enter the water if they are waterproof. Sealed floodlights generally show good quality of the light box. There is also a sealed container that is very tall.

Third, by weight

Because some of the energy is converted to thermal energy when using the floodlights, heat dissipation requires good heat dissipation, otherwise greater safety issues may arise. Therefore, the high-quality floodlight housing is fully used, the heat sink is also thickened, and the overall weight is large. If the two satellites are also powerful, which one is of good quality and which one is good, the weight of the hand will become lighter.

When choosing a lamp, when everyone is confused and does not know what to buy, the quality can be identified by the three methods described above. Among the many speculative lamp products, the lamp with guaranteed quality can be found. The high-quality floodlights are installed and used to make the most of their life.