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How To Choose Led Lighting For School Classroom Lighting

How To Choose Led Lighting For School Classroom Lighting

Jul 25, 2019

Today's school lighting has not only paid attention to the health of students, but also focused on ergonomics and environmental psychology. The lighting of the classroom needs to focus on protecting students' vision, satisfying visual comfort, visual effects and visual comfort, and hopes to create a high satisfaction learning condition. Jienengtong LED classroom eye-protection lamp and LED blackboard light have the characteristics of no stroboscopic, no radiation, no blue light hazard, no dry sound, etc., which meets the above requirements.

School classroom lighting The main lighting area is concentrated in the two main areas of classroom lighting and blackboard lighting. The classroom should ensure that students do not have eye fatigue, the illumination requirements must be above 300Lx, and the color rendering is above 85. For schools that focus on daytime classes, the lighting source should be based on natural lighting, while artificial lighting is only to supplement the lack of illumination in the classroom, so that the illumination is evenly distributed. The classroom should be based on LED fluorescent tube lighting, using direct lighting. The LED fluorescent tube arrangement should be at right angles to the blackboard. The distance between the rows of lamps should not be greater than the maximum allowable aspect ratio of the luminaire.

The illumination value of the blackboard illumination should be higher than the general illumination of the classroom, and must be illuminated by special lamps. The light directly from the illuminated blackboard should not enter the eyes of the students. Students and teachers should not be disturbed by the glare reflected by the blackboard. Blackboard LED lighting fixtures should be installed above the teacher's horizontal line of sight at an elevation angle of 48 degrees.

The classroom lighting upgrades in the school show that the LED classroom lighting has completely changed the classroom lighting dim, uneven illumination, glare problems, the luminous area is greatly increased, so that the light emitted is softer. Its excellent visual effects have been endorsed by teachers and students.