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25% Tariffs Announced

25% Tariffs Announced

Oct 24, 2019

I guess you are aware ,The United Stated raised its existing tariffs on $200 of Chinese manufactured goods from 10% to 25% .The United Stated Trade Representative also stated that tariffs will be raised on all goods imported from China .
These additional tariffs result in a substantial costing increase across our entire products line .When the 10% tariff was implemented last year .we did not push through a price increase as did most of our competitors .This round will now be second price increase of most ,representing combined increases between 17%-25%.

For the hard moment that Walstar Lighting is going to reduce price and We would like to face the hard time with customers.

 We continue to work with our component suppliers to identify ways in which we can lower costing, change components, or source from other countries.

We will continue to focus on the trade negotiations between the United States and China. If the trade negotiations continue, and an agreement is reached removing or lowering the tariffs, we will adjust our prices accordingly.We appreciate your business and implementing this increase is solely based on the tariffs imposed. If you have any questions regarding this increase or the imposition of the tariffs, please contact us!