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Whether LED lighting can be applied to educational lighting

Whether LED lighting can be applied to educational lighting

Jul 25, 2019

As a solid-state semiconductor light source, LED has ushered in rapid development in recent years, and the light efficiency has been continuously improved, and the quality has become more and more secure. Compared with traditional light sources, LEDs have many advantages such as small size, controllability, long use time, etc. LED lighting fixtures have been rapidly developed and widely concerned in many application fields, such as educational lighting.

However, there is a general contradiction in things. The discussion on whether "education lighting can use LED lighting fixtures" is very rampant. The current discussion focuses on two aspects:

Does the current educational lighting standard allow and recommend the use of LED light sources?

Does the LED light source have a safety hazard for the vision health of children in development?

Regardless of whether it is an LED or a conventional light source, the corresponding parameters should meet the requirements of the lighting standards for various indicators when used for classroom lighting.

At present, the LED lighting fixtures for general illumination have higher luminous efficiency and luminaire efficiency than traditional light sources, and can achieve high color rendering and high stability, and can meet the demand for dimming of intelligent lighting. The key to the use of LEDs depends on whether the final luminaire can meet the lighting specifications and related lighting requirements.

For the light biosafety issue of LED, please refer to the "General Lighting LED and Blu-ray" white paper. It is clearly stated in the white paper that the correct use of qualified LED lighting fixtures is safe for the human eye. Therefore, the use of LED lighting in educational lighting is completely reasonable and compliant!

In summary, the application of LED lighting in educational lighting is currently an overall trend. Choosing the right educational lighting and deploying a sound educational lighting system is critical to the development of the school.

At present, in the field of education lighting, many schools have chosen to cooperate with Mingyang Education Lighting. Famous six health education lighting advantages, effectively protect students' eyesight health:

1. No light flashing, comfortable eyes, professional drive design, fluctuation depth <3.2%;

2. The color is more realistic, the vision is clearer, the color rendering index is >90, R9>50;

3. No glare, no eye injury, high anti-glare design, UGR<16;

4. The light is softer and the color temperature is moderate;

5. The classroom is brighter;

6. No harmful blue light, no mercury and lead pollution, and healthier eyes.