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What are the specifications for LED lights?

What are the specifications for LED lights?

Jul 15, 2019

The LED low-voltage lamp with different LED strips has different specifications. It must be paid attention to when selecting. The specification mainly refers to a few beads of one meter. For example, 72 represents one meter and 72 lamps, which can be based on my needs and preferences. select. The 1210 specification lamp strip is 60 led per meter, the 5050 specification strip is 30 per meter, and the special one is 60 led per meter. Different specifications of led low-voltage lamps are different in price, which is also an important factor in distinguishing the price of led low-voltage lamps.

The advantage of designing the circuit structure like this is: by using the resistor divider, it can effectively ensure that the LED works under the specified rated voltage, and does not reduce the selection life of the LED due to the input voltage exceeding the LED rated voltage.

Parallel shunting can effectively eliminate the damage of the input rated current for each group of LEDs through the parallel circuit, so that the LED can be smoothly within a current range, thus greatly improving the selection life of the led. Parallel constant voltage, because each group of LEDs is composed of parallel, so it is impossible to break the normal selection of other groups by cutting a group at will, which can effectively save the installation cost and not cause waste.

Led lamp with a normal voltage of 12V DC, it should be necessary to choose the switching power supply, the size of the power supply according to the template and connection length of the led light strip. If each led light strip is operated with a power supply, you can purchase a larger switching power supply for the total power supply. Next, all the led lights with the input power supply are all connected in parallel (the length of the wire is not enough to extend) The same is powered by the main switching power supply.

The leadless light strip does not require a power drive for rectification and works with a bridge wire. One of the main features is what has been said above. The length can be up to 50 meters, while the low voltage is 5 meters and then parallel. As can be seen. The installation of a high-pressure lamp belt is more convenient for the installation of the low-voltage lamp strip.