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The usefulness of led light

The usefulness of led light

Jul 15, 2019

When the led lamp is used for interior decoration, the requirements for waterproofing and UV protection are not high, and the installation is relatively simple. Taking the photoelectric led strip as an example, each of the led flexible strips has a self-adhesive 3M double-sided adhesive on the back. When installing, the sticker on the surface of the 3M double-sided adhesive can be directly removed, and then the led strip is fixed in the installation position. Just hold it tight by hand. As for some places that need to turn or the length of the led light strip is inconsistent.

Led light strip is a circuit structure consisting of three LEDs as a group of series and parallel connection. Each 3 LEDs can be cut, long can be cut off, and short can be soldered up. In addition, it is the choice of high-voltage LED strips and low-voltage DC12V or 24V strips. In addition to the difference between non-safety voltage and safe voltage, energy saving is the same as low voltage.

In terms of safety, the surface of the high-voltage LED strip has an insulating sleeve so that there is no need to worry about electric shock. In contrast, high-voltage LED strips are prone to more pronounced light degradation due to plate and heat dissipation, thus affecting durability.

When the LED lamp is used outdoors, it will be affected by rain and ultraviolet rays. If it is fixed by 3M glue, the 3M adhesive will be reduced for a long time and the LED light strip will fall off. Therefore, the installation of outdoor led flexible strips is often used. The way the card slot is fixed. The places that need to be cut and connected are the same as the indoor installation, except that additional waterproof glue is needed to consolidate the waterproof effect of the joint.

Then there is the choice of brightness. Conventional leadless lights with light source are generally SMD5050 and SMD2835. If it is to be used for illumination, we recommend 5050 lamp beads. If you are just decorating, use 2835 lamp beads. As for the traditional T5 tube brightness is 1000-1200LM as the standard, 5050 lamp beads 60 lamps / meter, the power is between 12-14W, the brightness per meter can be replaced by about 1000lm, and the power is only half of the traditional T5 tube.