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LED panel light installation method

LED panel light installation method

Jul 20, 2019

The LED panel light is a high-end indoor lighting fixture. The outer frame is made of anodized aluminum alloy. The light source is an LED. The entire luminaire is beautiful, simple, luxurious and has good lighting effects. It can also bring happiness to people.

After passing through the high transmittance light guide plate, the LED panel lamp forms a uniform planar illumination effect, uniform illumination, soft light, comfortable and bright, and can reduce eye fatigue.

Installation Precautions:

1. The installation of the product must be a licensed professional electrician.

2. Check the integrity of the product when it is removed from the package.

3, the product and flammable materials should be at least 0.2 meters apart, pay attention to the isolation of low voltage and high voltage wiring.

4. The connection behind the lamp can be fixed with a wire clamp. Make sure it is firmly fixed.

5. Make sure that the power cord of the lamp has sufficient length and is not affected by tension or tangential force. Avoid excessive tension when installing the fixture wiring. Do not tie the wires tight. The output wiring should be distinguished and should not be confused with other lights.

6. After the installation is completed, connect the input end of the lamp to the output end of the switching power supply.

7. Connect the input and output terminals of the lamp to the mains. Usually the brown line is the fire line and the blue line is the zero line.

8. The LED driver for the luminaire must not be mixed with other luminaires.