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Is there a light decay in the LED tube?

Is there a light decay in the LED tube?

Jul 30, 2019

When using a traditional fluorescent tube, there will be a situation where the tube will be darker and darker after a few months. In fact, it indicates that the lamp has had a problem of light decay. So many people will ask, is there a problem of light decay in the ordinary use of LED tubes?

LED light tube light decay has actually been produced in 1000 hours, but the light decay of high-power LEDs will be smaller, and the smaller power will be larger. Of course, this is only from the LED itself.


The biggest decisive factor for the LED light tube's light decay is the temperature of the LED. If the heat dissipation is not good, the temperature will be too high and the attenuation will be very fast. Generally speaking, the light decay of the LED is in an ideal state. If it is an LED. Fluorescent tubes, because of the multiple uses, should consider heat dissipation, the spacing between LEDs, the size of the current, the lamp housing and other issues.