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Can LED education lights keep children away from myopia?

Can LED education lights keep children away from myopia?

Jul 25, 2019

Children are the flowers of the motherland. How to make children grow up healthily is the direction we have been fighting for. With the continuous advancement of technology, the health of children has been guaranteed. It can be said that on the big level, we have made remarkable progress. But in some details, we are not doing enough, and there are even many shortcomings. For example, for the more and more serious myopia problems, we seem to be "sufficient", there is no good solution!

Myopia is the world's highest incidence of eye diseases, especially in Asia. According to incomplete statistics, adolescent myopia is as high as 70%-85%. In recent years, its incidence has been increasing, and the age of onset has gradually decreased. Therefore, myopia has become a serious public health disease.

Although a lot of research has been done on myopia, so far, the pathogenesis is unknown, and thus there is no effective means of prevention and treatment. At present, the general view is that myopia is the result of the combination of genetic factors and environmental factors, and environmental factors play an important role in adolescent myopia.

With the progress of industrialization and the increase in close-range work, the time for human exposure to various natural and artificial light is gradually increasing. As the main organ that receives light information, the eye cannot avoid the influence of the light environment. Myopia in the eye also reflects the body's incompatibility with the environment to some extent.

In the 1990s, scientists used questionnaires and refractive tests to suggest that children who are less than 2 years old turn on the lights at night and are likely to cause myopia, which has caused great concern around the world. Later, people conducted similar studies on light and myopia, but the results were not the same. But for teenagers, one thing is certain, that is, poor lighting does lead to students' nearsightedness.

The famous LED education lamp just saw the harm of myopia to the society, and decided to enter the classroom lighting industry to send students the most professional classroom lighting!

The famous LED education lamp is more healthy and more suitable for students than traditional lamps.